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Friday, 18 March 2016

Welcome to M/s Kartik T. Vayeda & Co.

Dear Friends,

The above graphic is not the final one, and is likely to change, but I am posting it here, so that everyone knows that this blog is being run by myself, to introduce myself as CA Vikram Shankar Mathur, who also used to manage at one time 20-21 other blogs / wordpress sites under the name and style of "AhmedabadFCA Wordpress Sites". This is the name that has been coined by me, unfortunately, there is no registration in that name except that the domain names of has already been purchased by me from in 2019.

Since this is just the introductory post, I am going to restrict myself to this much. But I can assure you, a lot more is still just a figment of my very rich and productive; creative and innovative brain of mine.

Good Day !!

CA Vikram Shankar Mathur
Post Published: 18-Mar-2016
Post Updated   : 06-Oct-2019

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